Henry Mikkelsen is former military personnel of Norway and has served 25 years in Norwegian military. He spent his life in the city of Fagerstrand – a city near the capital of Norway. Since he was much passionate about his military service, specially in the fields of optics, tracking/radar systems,  he decided to start his own blog, where he get to write his hobbies, and also promote his sidebusiness on repariring optics (including telescopes). Apart from this, Henry also loves to write about Goggles and Scopes. To satisfy his thirst for his passion and to endow the professionals in the field with latest information and solutions, Mikkelsen started this blog ‘Simrad Optronics ASA’.

The readers can find innovative solutions. The blog is quite helpful for the professionals since they can find all related information and solutions at one platform. The purpose and the idea behind Simard Optronics ASA are to offer developed capabilities during day and night operations.

Our Story

Situated in Oslo, with vehement and energetic efforts of Henry Mikkelsen, ‘Simrad Optronics’ is one of the key suppliers of Defense and Security Electro-Optical Instruments in the world. The company has progressed superlatively since the outset and has its subsidiaries in Crawley (England) and Aubagne (France). Today, it is rated high in supplying military and industrial electro-optical instruments across the globe.  It registers mammoth turnout every year and way back in year 2004, it produced NOK 190.5 million turnovers. With its supplies around the world, Simrad Optronics has developed into being an international entity. It exports to more than 40 countries.

Our Mission

Henry’s passion for blogging revolving around military instruments quenches his thirst with his blogs. This way, he provides apt information and solutions to the professionals and others related to this field seeking innovations and updates. With blogging, he is still serving military and his nation though he has retired from his seat from army. Military is in his blood and the passion continues with blogging today.