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Killing toothpain while swimming at Fagerstrand beach

Bad teeth

My entire career has been in the military, as I spent 25 years i den norske hæren. And my unhealthy sugary diet finally caughed up with me and sent me to the local tannlege Vinterbro Tannlegesenter in Fagerstrand area here where I live. Being personnel of “den norske hæren”, I really don’t have a healthy life and lifestyle (as everyone thinks army men have). When in service, you really don’t think so much about how much sugar and sugary stuff you eat every single day. I mean, the army has of course its own dentists and all but you really don’t get the treatment you need. For 25 years, I didn’t think that way until recently when I had to visit the local dentist for an unbearable pain in my mouth.

About a week ago I was swimming at beach of Fagerstrand whith my daughter Kari, when suddenly I developed a pain in one of my teeth in the back of my mouth and that was simply unbearable. I swam back to the beach and told my daughter to get back home. I had to seek help for my tooth. So I visited these guys in Vinterbro Senter. I was recommended by some friend who told me that these guys are the top dental clinic in Follo. With no other choice in hand since the pain was high in the air, I called the dental clinic at 8:00 pm with no hope of getting any answer. But to my surprise, I actually got an emergency appoitnment at 8:3. Instantly I was guided to enter into the dentist’s room, where I met this young doctor. He asked me several questions and he told me that “våre pasienter skal aldri oppleve smerte i tannlegestolen hos oss”.

Rotten teeth

After 15 minutes of examing, and taking pictures, he told me that one of my backtooth is rotten to the core and that it needed to be extracted. I really didn’t want to lose any teeth but it seemed that there was no hope for that tooth. This was the xray picture of my tooth:

The dentist told me that my wisdomteeth has caused a huge cavity on my second molar because of its position in the mouth. So after like 10 minutes he conviced me to extract both the wisdom tooth and the tooth in the front. So, he put local anesthetic which was incredible cause I didn’t feel anything at all. And then he took his drill and cut the teeth in several pieces cause I would be much easier to take the teeh in segments.

The funny thing was that, the dentist was using some huge ass loupes when working. It was the first time I had seen a dentist use such big optics like that. This was a luminated crane Ziess microscope.

After about 45 minutes the whole thing was over. I was shocked as to how the hell he managed to extract two teeth with long ass root so fast and efficietnly. After that I got very precise instructions on taking some medication which he gave me a prescription for.

That night I slept like a baby with no pain whatsoever. It was redicilous to be completely painfree after extraction of two teeth. I’m really in awe of this guy so I will be recommending this dental clinic to everyone I come across.

Afterwards I wanted to find out what the dentist really did with his drill. I understood that these guys are really good at their work. He told me that he usually uses much more time to explain everything before and after a precedure but since my appointment was a very late night one, he really didn’t have time. It seemed like the dentist came to the clinic (seemingly it was his own dental clinic) at that late hour just to help me. I’m really greatful for this unbelievable service.

This was a video I found which shows how a wisdom tooth which is impacted, ergo when it’s hiding underneath the gum:


Importance and the Benefits of Military Electronics and Optics in Norway Military

Like all other military forces of the world, Norwegian military too sails through technological advanced equipment and keeps its pace high to compete with the rest of the world. The Norwegian Armed Forces is the military organization which is responsible for the defence of the country. There are four branches of the armed forces – The Norwegian Army, The Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Norwegian Air Force and Home Guard. No matter if the Norwegian military is small (23,950 military personnel), they are ranked high among the most modern forces in the world. It is vital to understand (and it is massively understood among the armed personnel in Norway) that the offensive arms do harm the enemy whereas defensive weapons defend against the offensive blows. Thus technology surely helps the military – no matter in which form it is being used. Transportation technology helps the soldiers and weaponry move and the sensors detect the forces and guide weaponry.

Norway military is on way to witness technology breakthrough to take place in the days to come such as:

  • Augmented Reality Headsets
  • Hypersonic Missiles to Be More Fast and Operable
  • Robots to Join Human Force
  • Light Tank Prototypes
  • Autonomous Aircraft
  • Fully Equipped Helicopters

No denying in saying that military electronics and optics hold values among armed personnel and in all over the army of Norway besides holding the importance in every army of the world. Norway is very enthusiastically and passionately developing new generation of military electronic equipment. There are a number of military electronics being used in the country such as:

  • Active Camouflage
  • Airborne Early Warning and Control
  • AN/SQS-504
  • 1PN 51
  • 1PN 51-2
  • 1PN 58
  • Digital Message Device
  • Mini TSFO
  • TacFire
  • Contraves Cora
  • Drivers’ Vision Enhancer
  • Electro Optimal Targeting System
  • Forward Looking Infrared
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Helmet Mounted Display
  • Hyperspectrical Imaging
  • Infrared Search and Track
  • Magnetic Anamoly Detector
  • Night Vision Device
  • People Sniffer
  • Shipboard Integrated Communications Systems

Fact remains that military electronic equipment is manufactured as standalone sets of equipment and has also been increasingly developing into a form of electronic systems engineering. Norwegian military is famed for having latest early warning radar aircraft, naval aviation global tactical systems and 3rd generation defense communication satellites.

Norway has been using electronic computer technology and it is being applied in all types of massively used military electronic equipment.

Military optics in Norwegian armed forces carries values. The ones being used in military include:

  • PVS-14
  • M150 ACOG
  • M151 Spotting Scope
  • PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle
  • PAS-13 Thermal Weapon Sight
  • AVS-6
  • SVS 1-6X
  • B-10 1.8-10X
  • B-17 3.2-17X
  • B-25 5-25X

The use and the benefits of optic fiber in Norwegian military are quite high. It is to be noted that fiber optic products have been playing a pivotal role in military operations in the world. A report suggests that the global fiber optic cable market has reached a market value of US$ 6783 million in 2019. For last few years or so, the use of fiber optic technology among Norwegian military and armed forces has grown. Norwegian military uses fiber optic and its related products throughout its land based facilities.

A Look at the Best Military Night Visions

Military night visions hold importance – there is no single doubt about the same. No matter if you are all set for 24-hour surveillance or plan a nighttime hunt, or you are on nature watching in low light conditions – the night vision goggles will endow you with the visibility you require. The below list provides with the best military night visions ranked by their image quality, brightness and ease of use.

Firefield Spartan FF24125

This one is a single-eye model, thus technically you may name it as a monocular instead of saying it ‘goggles. It works excellently and gives exceptional performance in all low light conditions. Firefield Spartan produces a crisp and high resolution image. Its functions include:

  • High degree of light amplification
  • Durable rubber-coated body
  • Best for using with right eye


Armasight Nyx-7 Pro 3 Alpha Gen 3

It offers crystal clear optics and besides that it lets the users witness the high-light cutoff feature which automatically senses bright light sources. Additionally it protects the tubes and the eyes from any kind of damage that could happen or cause. Its features include:

  • Invisible Infrared Illuminator
  • Easily adaptable for use with all cameras
  • With its automatic shutoff features, you can save battery consumption


Superior Tactical PVS-7

Another best military night vision is Superior Tactical PVS-7 happens to be identical to the models, the users could see worn by members of the world militaries. The brilliant and most catchy feature of this night vision is that it is exceptionally lightweight and durable. It is quite portable and ideal for use in all conditions even in adverse ones. Other features include:

  • Generation three tubes
  • Performs outstandingly well in extreme temperatures
  • When battery is low, it gives you warning


Night Owl G1 Tactical Series

This one registers quite a good impact on military personnel, thus this night vision is much popular among armed forces, and even other common users too find it superb for nighttime nature watch.  As mentioned earlier, It is perfect for nighttime nature watching and you can do it at relatively short distances. For military or armed forces, this one appears to be best since they often go out for surveillance at nighttime. Night Owl G1 Tactical comes with higher quality 26mm lenses. The best about this is that it shows no bright indicating light to make you stand out in the dark. Other features include:

  • Automatic light sensor
  • Quick-release mount for handheld use

The Rifles I Find Great According to My Experience of Military

Plenty of various kinds of rifles are available in the world. They are usually used by the military and other law enforcement agencies. Mind you not all military rifles are built equal because every other rifles has its own characteristics, functions and values. They are used by the armed forces to dominate the battlefield. I have been in military force of Norway for 25 years and my association with the rifles of all kinds have been quite close – some of them I liked the most and developed my enthusiasm and love for them. In my long military career in which I stumbled upon numerous rifles of various made, I am now able to let the people know which riffles I found great to use according to my rich experience. Let’s now talk about the brilliant kinds of riffles I loved to hold in my hands:


It is designed and made by a UK company ‘Accuracy International’. The first use of AS50 was done in 2007. This rifle is considered one of the world’s best sniper rifles in the world. It is supremely powerful .50 BMG sniper and anti-material rifle that enables the snipers to choose their targets at a long range such as 1.5 kilometers. It can easily fire 5 rounds every 1.6 seconds. Besides having a long range target selection, AS50 is massively accurate at its targets. It carries low weight and can be handles with super ease. This rifle can be assembled in merely 3 minutes or even in less time. I preferred AS50 to all others.


This rifle happened to be another best in my experience. It is also designed and made in the United Kingdom by Royal Small Arms Factory. SA80A2 was first used way back in 1985. It is called the most reliable rifle in the world and almost all regular users like to fire it. The magazine is positioned behind the trigger that makes this weapon a relatively compact making the user to use it in combat zones. SA80 fires 5.56 mm round. The regular user find it perfect. The same goes for me.


Well, the AK-47 has been replaced by new technology AK-74. The design and manufacturing company of this renowned rifle is Kalashnikov from Soviet Union. The first use of AK-74 took place in 1974. It uses smaller and lighter 5.45 mm rounds of fire. AK-74 carries a side-folding stock, 16.3 inches barrel and the total length of the rifle is 37 inches.

Tracking Point

This is designed and manufactured in the US and it was used in 2011 for the first time. Tracking Point is considered to be the future. It is all set to change the world of rifles forever since it is going to be ‘smart’. Tracking Point of US is the first company which has manufactured the world’s first precision guided firearms – a long range rifle system that very smartly and intelligently turns rifles into ‘smart’. I found it awesome.