Importance and the Benefits of Military Electronics and Optics in Norway Military

Like all other military forces of the world, Norwegian military too sails through technological advanced equipment and keeps its pace high to compete with the rest of the world. The Norwegian Armed Forces is the military organization which is responsible for the defence of the country. There are four branches of the armed forces – The Norwegian Army, The Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Norwegian Air Force and Home Guard. No matter if the Norwegian military is small (23,950 military personnel), they are ranked high among the most modern forces in the world. It is vital to understand (and it is massively understood among the armed personnel in Norway) that the offensive arms do harm the enemy whereas defensive weapons defend against the offensive blows. Thus technology surely helps the military – no matter in which form it is being used. Transportation technology helps the soldiers and weaponry move and the sensors detect the forces and guide weaponry.

Norway military is on way to witness technology breakthrough to take place in the days to come such as:

  • Augmented Reality Headsets
  • Hypersonic Missiles to Be More Fast and Operable
  • Robots to Join Human Force
  • Light Tank Prototypes
  • Autonomous Aircraft
  • Fully Equipped Helicopters

No denying in saying that military electronics and optics hold values among armed personnel and in all over the army of Norway besides holding the importance in every army of the world. Norway is very enthusiastically and passionately developing new generation of military electronic equipment. There are a number of military electronics being used in the country such as:

  • Active Camouflage
  • Airborne Early Warning and Control
  • AN/SQS-504
  • 1PN 51
  • 1PN 51-2
  • 1PN 58
  • Digital Message Device
  • Mini TSFO
  • TacFire
  • Contraves Cora
  • Drivers’ Vision Enhancer
  • Electro Optimal Targeting System
  • Forward Looking Infrared
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Helmet Mounted Display
  • Hyperspectrical Imaging
  • Infrared Search and Track
  • Magnetic Anamoly Detector
  • Night Vision Device
  • People Sniffer
  • Shipboard Integrated Communications Systems

Fact remains that military electronic equipment is manufactured as standalone sets of equipment and has also been increasingly developing into a form of electronic systems engineering. Norwegian military is famed for having latest early warning radar aircraft, naval aviation global tactical systems and 3rd generation defense communication satellites.

Norway has been using electronic computer technology and it is being applied in all types of massively used military electronic equipment.

Military optics in Norwegian armed forces carries values. The ones being used in military include:

  • PVS-14
  • M150 ACOG
  • M151 Spotting Scope
  • PSQ-20 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle
  • PAS-13 Thermal Weapon Sight
  • AVS-6
  • SVS 1-6X
  • B-10 1.8-10X
  • B-17 3.2-17X
  • B-25 5-25X

The use and the benefits of optic fiber in Norwegian military are quite high. It is to be noted that fiber optic products have been playing a pivotal role in military operations in the world. A report suggests that the global fiber optic cable market has reached a market value of US$ 6783 million in 2019. For last few years or so, the use of fiber optic technology among Norwegian military and armed forces has grown. Norwegian military uses fiber optic and its related products throughout its land based facilities.