The Rifles I Find Great According to My Experience of Military

Plenty of various kinds of rifles are available in the world. They are usually used by the military and other law enforcement agencies. Mind you not all military rifles are built equal because every other rifles has its own characteristics, functions and values. They are used by the armed forces to dominate the battlefield. I have been in military force of Norway for 25 years and my association with the rifles of all kinds have been quite close – some of them I liked the most and developed my enthusiasm and love for them. In my long military career in which I stumbled upon numerous rifles of various made, I am now able to let the people know which riffles I found great to use according to my rich experience. Let’s now talk about the brilliant kinds of riffles I loved to hold in my hands:


It is designed and made by a UK company ‘Accuracy International’. The first use of AS50 was done in 2007. This rifle is considered one of the world’s best sniper rifles in the world. It is supremely powerful .50 BMG sniper and anti-material rifle that enables the snipers to choose their targets at a long range such as 1.5 kilometers. It can easily fire 5 rounds every 1.6 seconds. Besides having a long range target selection, AS50 is massively accurate at its targets. It carries low weight and can be handles with super ease. This rifle can be assembled in merely 3 minutes or even in less time. I preferred AS50 to all others.


This rifle happened to be another best in my experience. It is also designed and made in the United Kingdom by Royal Small Arms Factory. SA80A2 was first used way back in 1985. It is called the most reliable rifle in the world and almost all regular users like to fire it. The magazine is positioned behind the trigger that makes this weapon a relatively compact making the user to use it in combat zones. SA80 fires 5.56 mm round. The regular user find it perfect. The same goes for me.


Well, the AK-47 has been replaced by new technology AK-74. The design and manufacturing company of this renowned rifle is Kalashnikov from Soviet Union. The first use of AK-74 took place in 1974. It uses smaller and lighter 5.45 mm rounds of fire. AK-74 carries a side-folding stock, 16.3 inches barrel and the total length of the rifle is 37 inches.

Tracking Point

This is designed and manufactured in the US and it was used in 2011 for the first time. Tracking Point is considered to be the future. It is all set to change the world of rifles forever since it is going to be ‘smart’. Tracking Point of US is the first company which has manufactured the world’s first precision guided firearms – a long range rifle system that very smartly and intelligently turns rifles into ‘smart’. I found it awesome.