Killing toothpain while swimming at Fagerstrand beach

Bad teeth

My entire career has been in the military, as I spent 25 years i den norske hæren. And my unhealthy sugary diet finally caughed up with me and sent me to the local tannlege Vinterbro Tannlegesenter in Fagerstrand area here where I live. Being personnel of “den norske hæren”, I really don’t have a healthy life and lifestyle (as everyone thinks army men have). When in service, you really don’t think so much about how much sugar and sugary stuff you eat every single day. I mean, the army has of course its own dentists and all but you really don’t get the treatment you need. For 25 years, I didn’t think that way until recently when I had to visit the local dentist for an unbearable pain in my mouth.

About a week ago I was swimming at beach of Fagerstrand whith my daughter Kari, when suddenly I developed a pain in one of my teeth in the back of my mouth and that was simply unbearable. I swam back to the beach and told my daughter to get back home. I had to seek help for my tooth. So I visited these guys in Vinterbro Senter. I was recommended by some friend who told me that these guys are the top dental clinic in Follo. With no other choice in hand since the pain was high in the air, I called the dental clinic at 8:00 pm with no hope of getting any answer. But to my surprise, I actually got an emergency appoitnment at 8:3. Instantly I was guided to enter into the dentist’s room, where I met this young doctor. He asked me several questions and he told me that “våre pasienter skal aldri oppleve smerte i tannlegestolen hos oss”.

Rotten teeth

After 15 minutes of examing, and taking pictures, he told me that one of my backtooth is rotten to the core and that it needed to be extracted. I really didn’t want to lose any teeth but it seemed that there was no hope for that tooth. This was the xray picture of my tooth:

The dentist told me that my wisdomteeth has caused a huge cavity on my second molar because of its position in the mouth. So after like 10 minutes he conviced me to extract both the wisdom tooth and the tooth in the front. So, he put local anesthetic which was incredible cause I didn’t feel anything at all. And then he took his drill and cut the teeth in several pieces cause I would be much easier to take the teeh in segments.

The funny thing was that, the dentist was using some huge ass loupes when working. It was the first time I had seen a dentist use such big optics like that. This was a luminated crane Ziess microscope.

After about 45 minutes the whole thing was over. I was shocked as to how the hell he managed to extract two teeth with long ass root so fast and efficietnly. After that I got very precise instructions on taking some medication which he gave me a prescription for.

That night I slept like a baby with no pain whatsoever. It was redicilous to be completely painfree after extraction of two teeth. I’m really in awe of this guy so I will be recommending this dental clinic to everyone I come across.

Afterwards I wanted to find out what the dentist really did with his drill. I understood that these guys are really good at their work. He told me that he usually uses much more time to explain everything before and after a precedure but since my appointment was a very late night one, he really didn’t have time. It seemed like the dentist came to the clinic (seemingly it was his own dental clinic) at that late hour just to help me. I’m really greatful for this unbelievable service.

This was a video I found which shows how a wisdom tooth which is impacted, ergo when it’s hiding underneath the gum: